Black Women Leaders Connect

Black Women Leaders Connect (“Our Connection”) was established in November 2020.  It is a collective of executive and senior-level Black women administrative leaders with an established track record of management success. We are joined to support one another and to nurture and guide women within our health system and our communities.

ARTICLE | Black Women Are More Than a Diversity Hire and It’s Past Time to Make Space For Them As Leaders

While opportunities for more leaders to enter the C-Suite have certainly expanded over the last few years, representation of Black women at the highest levels of leadership still remains low. Despite ongoing diversity pledges and mandates, specifically after the racial unrest following George Floyd’s death in 2020, Black women currently make up less than 5% of C-Suite leaders.


Black Women Leaders Connect hosts a wide array of panel discussions, networking events, and community engagement activities.

WELLNESS| Mount Sinai Center For Stress, Resilience, and Personal Growth

Black Women Leaders Connect supports the Mount Sinai Center for Stress, Resilience and Personal Growth (CSRPG), a resource available to all Mount Sinai faculty, staff, trainees, and medical and graduate students. The Center has a long name but a simple mission – provide scientifically-grounded services that support the resilience and psychological well-being of our Mount Sinai community. 

Mount Sinai Launches Program to Increase Black Women Leaders in Executive Roles

First-of-its-kind group will bring transformational change and empower – Black leaders International Women’s Day marks the inauguration of the group and kicks off a month of events for executive leaders

Serve & Support

Create the space for mentorship and encouragement to improve the self-esteem, social and professional competence of Black women throughout their career journeys (this can be within or outside of Mount Sinai Health System).



Change Agents

Partner with health system leaders to create an environment to recruit, promote and elevate Black women in all sectors of the organization.




Coach our Black female colleagues to realize their full potential, access their voice and wield influence in our environment.